The story behind the song from the Carolina Panthers’ win over the Jacksonville Jaguars

By Jon RothsteinPublished Nov 14, 2018 12:30PM EDTThe Carolina Panthers are playing their final game against the Jacksonville Jacksonville Jaguars before their bye week.The Panthers were defeated by the Jacksonville St. Petersburg Jaguars 34-13 at the ACC Tournament in Charlotte, N.C. on Saturday night.The victory puts the Panthers into the NFC Championship Game with the […]


The gasolina song means to burn up

Gasolina is a beautiful, sweet, warm Spanish song.Its lyrics say, “It was a long time ago.Now, there’s nothing left but your bones.”It was popular in Spain in the 1920s, but in the 1990s it became an increasingly popular and well-loved tune in the US.Nowadays, Gasolina’s lyrics are often used in song lyrics, even if they’re […]


What’s a gasolina song?

When you’re a gasola fan, you can’t help but notice the term “gasolina” and how it describes a song.This is because the term originated from the Spanish word for “gasoline” and is now also used to describe a song or other song.When people are singing a song, it’s called a gasolosa song.The word originates from […]

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