NFL owners say gas prices are rising despite new regulations

Gas prices have risen dramatically over the past few years, but a new set of rules in Washington, D.C., are forcing some major gas stations to start charging customers a fee for using their pumps.

The move by the owners of the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens was announced Monday.

The NFL is expected to begin enforcing the new rules for the season beginning Oct. 1.

“The Giants and Ravens are the first teams to apply for the new fee, and we expect the league to consider our proposal in a future rulemaking process,” a league official told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

“We expect to take a public position at some point in the coming months regarding the implementation of the new fees, which are designed to support the owners and the teams who purchase the gas they use to run their teams.”

The league is in the process of evaluating a proposed fee to be paid to the owners.

In the past, the owners have been charged a fee to purchase gas from retailers and distributors, but the new set-aside was designed to help offset the higher cost of gas for the players.

The league will also pay the fees to owners who own stadiums.

The fees will go into effect after the season ends.

The new set has been in the works for several months, but had not yet been implemented, according to the league.

The Giants and Rams announced their plans Monday.

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