Which is better for your car: gas or petrol?

As the price of petrol is expected to go up, the question of whether to buy petrol or gas has become an increasingly important issue for car owners.

Some analysts say the switch is a mistake, others say it will make a difference.

In India, the fuel prices are also likely to rise, but some analysts are predicting a soft landing in the coming months.

In China, the average price of fuel is expected at $1.13 per litre.

Many drivers in the country have already switched from petrol to diesel in the last few months, but the prices in the West have also increased.

According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), petrol prices in India are set to increase by $1 to $1,700 a litre over the next two months, while diesel prices are expected to increase to $2.30 a liter.

Analysts at Nomura Securities and Bank of America Merrill Lynch have predicted that petrol prices will increase by an average of 10% in the next 12 months.

This would be about the same as the inflation rate in the US, according to Nomura.

While petrol prices are rising, many analysts are forecasting that diesel prices will rise by an additional 15% over the coming two months.

According to a recent study by Nomura, diesel prices in Germany are expected at the same time to rise by 20% to $3.20 per litter.

Gasoline prices in Europe are also expected to rise and some analysts believe this will lead to a sharp increase in petrol prices.

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