Which is better: petrol or diesel?

Gasoline is everywhere in Australia and we’re all familiar with the petrol and diesel fuelling stations.

But there are several types of petrol stations in Australia.

There are petrol stations that sell gasoline to customers, and then there are petrol shops that sell gas to motorists.

The difference between petrol stations and petrol shops is whether they are petrol-powered or diesel-powered.

This article is not about which is better, but which is a good idea.

The first thing you need to know about petrol stations is that they’re petrol- and diesel-based.

The second thing you want to know is that if you’ve been to a petrol station, you’re probably familiar with how the pump works.

It looks like a large metal box with a handle on the front and a small box inside that looks like an air pump.

There’s a small valve on the side and a handle that opens and closes.

You’re supposed to pump the fuel into the box and push it up into the air pump, but the pump is a huge, heavy metal cylinder that looks more like a balloon than a pump.

It’s usually at least 3.5 metres in diameter.

A petrol station is about 20 metres tall and about 30 metres long.

It is typically located on a highway, a shopping centre or a carpark.

If you’re on a freeway, you can get a petrol pump from the nearest petrol station and fill up a car.

If it’s a petrol-based station, it usually takes about five minutes to fill up.

There is usually an electronic counter on the pump, which displays a number of different fuel prices.

Some petrol stations also have a range of other services available, such as free wifi and coffee.

Some of the petrol stations are located in residential areas, and there are many petrol stations throughout the country.

There aren’t any petrol stations located in suburbs, so there’s no need to drive there to fill your car.

What is a petrol/diesel station?

A petrol/diesel station is a station that sells fuel to customers.

A fuel station usually has a number on the door and is typically about 10 metres high.

A typical petrol/gasoline station has three outlets and a variety of services, such, as free Wi-Fi and coffee, free WiFi and wi-fi, free wifi, free wi-Fi, free coffee, coffee, wifi, wifi.

Some stations also offer a range for different types of fuel.

The range for diesel is usually 10 litres.

Some diesel stations have a gas range of 20 litres.

The petrol/battery station is located outside a petrol or gas station.

A battery station usually only sells batteries to motorists, so they usually have an open gas tank.

If there’s fuel in the tank, it is usually placed in a plastic bag.

A small plastic bag with a seal is inserted into the gas tank and filled.

A simple metal pump is used to fill the fuel tank, and a pump with a large valve that closes and the valve is pushed up into a gas tank that is then filled with petrol.

A few petrol stations have no fuel tanks at all.

There might be some petrol stations selling diesel-only fuel, but most petrol stations don’t sell diesel.

It depends on which type of petrol station you visit.

Where do I find petrol and how much does it cost?

You’ll usually find petrol stations on the highway, in suburban areas or in commercial areas.

You can also find petrol/liquor shops in shopping centres, car parks or on a commercial street.

Some commercial petrol stations offer diesel-free fuel, so if you’re in a commercial area and you don’t want to pay extra for diesel, you might find a petrol shop in your shopping centre to buy diesel fuel.

How much is petrol/tobacco?

In Australia, there are around 300 petrol stations, but they vary in price from $2.20 a litre to $9.90 a litres depending on which petrol station they are in.

There may also be diesel stations where there are no petrol stations or where there is no diesel fuel, and where you can buy cigarettes or tobacco.

What about gas and diesel?

You may be surprised to know that the amount of petrol you can drink is much less than the amount you can pump.

In Australia there are approximately 200 petrol stations with a limit of 200 litres, but you can fill up to 200 litres of fuel at one petrol station.

If the limit is higher than 200 litres you can pay $1.20 for each 100 litres you pump.

You’ll need to pay $3.50 for each 250 litres you fill up, and $4.50 each for each 500 litres you pour.

Gasoline/diese is much more expensive than petrol.

If your petrol/fuel station only has a single petrol/oil station, then you can typically find it at petrol stations around the city.

But if you go to a gas station, chances are they’re only

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