How to find out if you are eligible for free gasoline subsidy

The Obama administration on Tuesday announced that it would lift the cap on the federal government’s rebate program for gasoline.

The program will be expanded to allow consumers to purchase gasoline at the pump and fill it up for free.

The expansion was meant to help offset the cost of subsidizing the fuel in some areas.

The announcement comes as some of the most expensive states in the country are considering increasing their fuel taxes to pay for highway projects.

The states, which include Texas, California and New York, all have the nation’s highest gas prices, and many have been facing shortages of gas.

Gasoline tax hikes would help pay for infrastructure improvements that are a priority for many Republican governors, as well as Democrats, but critics say it would disproportionately impact poor and minority communities.

“I’m glad the administration is listening to our communities, as we are working to solve the real issues facing our country,” New York Gov.

Andrew Cuomo said in a statement.

“The governor will continue to fight to make the New York State economy stronger, and that means investing in the transportation system that serves our residents.”

New York and Texas are among the states that are considering raising their gas taxes, and other governors have threatened to increase theirs if they don’t get more money for transportation.

Gas tax increases are not expected to be a major issue in the 2018 midterms, but they could be when lawmakers face a difficult midterm election in November.

A group of Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee is pushing for an increase in the gas tax.

They want the federal gasoline tax to be increased to at least $1.70 per gallon from $1 per gallon currently.

They are also pushing for the federal gas tax to rise for consumers in the Northeast.

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