Gasoline spot price hits $6,000

Gasoline has hit $6.9, according to the US Energy Information Administration, and that has caused gasoline prices to soar in some parts of the country.

According to data from the USAA, gasoline spot prices have reached $634.77 a gallon, up 2.3 cents from last week.

That has led to some gas stations reporting a shortage of gasoline and forced them to offer discounts to customers.

“This is a very difficult time for gasoline and many consumers are being forced to make difficult decisions,” said Brent Crutcher, CEO of the USAAA.

“Gasoline has gone up almost 50 percent over the last month, which is the biggest increase on record.

We have seen a lot of spikes in fuel prices.”

Crutchers warning of a shortage has led many people to make fuel savings in anticipation of a rise in gas prices.

“With the gas prices increasing so much, we’ve seen some people start making fuel savings and others are making it harder,” said Sarah Smith, a student at Emory University who has been saving for gas since last semester.

“It’s kind of a mixed bag for me, but at the end of the day, I feel like I’m going to have to find something that works for me.

But I’m not going to go to a gas station that is making me feel like this is a problem.”

Smith said she had not made any plans to stop saving for the future, but she is not confident about her ability to cover the increase.

“I know I am going to save some money in the future because I know that I can pay it off at the pump, but I don’t know if I will be able to do that in a year’s time,” she said.

The USAA has released a list of some of the best gas stations that will help customers save on their gas bills.

Here are some of their recommendations for the best places to go for gas this week.

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