How to sniff gasolina

A woman who said she is haunted by the smell of gasolina has been given a free perfume to help her cope.

The perfume, called The Gasolina Woman, is available to anyone who needs it.

It is made from a mixture of lavender, lavender essential oil and vanilla and is meant to help people cope with the smell.

Gasolina Woman is available for free to anyone in the Dublin region.

The scent is described as “a sweet blend of lavend and cedarwood” and is described on the website as a “fresh, feminine fragrance”.

The scent, which is free to sniff, was created by designer Caroline Leeson and has been made available to all members of the Dublin area for free.

The fragrance is also available at petrol stations across the city.

The perfume is made by Dublin-based company Pinnacle and is available in five shades of lavendar.

It has been described as an olfactory experience with an uplifting, warm and relaxing finish.

Pinnacle’s website says that The Gasolis Woman fragrance is a blend of essential oils of lavenders, cedarwoods and cetalwood.

It also contains a unique blend of fragrance oils.

The website states that The Woman is “a fragrance that combines lavender and catura, which give a floral fragrance with a hint of a sweet blend that has an uplising finish”.

The perfume was created with a collaboration between the company and the artist Caroline Leesse, who created a collection of oils, which are said to “reinforce the natural fragrances of the garden”.

The product is described by the website on its website as “empowering” and “a scent that is calming, calming, soothing and relaxing”.

The website also states that this fragrance is “included with all products purchased at petrol pumps”.

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