How to tell if a car’s fuel economy is good or bad

How to know if your vehicle’s fuel efficiency is good, bad or indifferent: Fuel economy is a measure of how efficiently a vehicle can run over a given period of time.

If a car runs for long periods of time at a constant speed, it can be considered “fuel efficient,” or more commonly, “economy.”

But if a vehicle has a lower average speed or fuel economy than what it can sustain over a short period of the day, it’s “emissions-intensive.”

Here are the fuel economy numbers for some of the biggest-selling vehicles on the road today: Toyota Prius – The Prius has the lowest average fuel economy of any car in the U.S. at 15.6 mpg.

The Priuss’ average fuel efficiency has been lower than that of other vehicles in its class since the 2010 model year, but it still has the highest average speed.

Audi Q7 – Toyota says its new Q7 sedan has a fuel efficiency of 23 mpg on average.

Hyundai Sonata – Hyundai’s new Sonata SUV has an average fuel rating of 24.7 mpg, which is more than half of the average rating of the Prius.

Toyotas Fisker Karma – Honda says its hybrid SUV has a total fuel efficiency rating of 22.3 mpg — slightly lower than the 24.5 mpg of the Q7.

Jeep Wrangler – Jeep says its Wrangler is “fuel-efficient” and “emission-free.”

Mercedes-Benz E-Class – Mercedes says the E-class sedan’s average fuel-economy rating is 24.8 mpg over the base model, making it one of the best-selling SUVs in the world.

Tesla Model S – Tesla says its Model S sedan has an EPA-rated fuel efficiency score of 27 mpg and an EPA emissions-cutting score of 55 mpg combined.

Nissan Leaf – Nissan says its electric electric vehicle has an “emotionally-neutral” fuel economy rating of 23.3mpg.

Chevrolet Volt – Chevrolet says its plug-in hybrid vehicle has the best average fuel mileage of any vehicle in the country, and has a combined average fuel and CO2 emissions score of 44.7mpg.

Volkswagen Passat – Volkswagen says its Passat diesel car has an overall average fuel value of 23mpg, and its emissions-cheating score of 50.6mpg — making it the best selling vehicle in Europe.

Acura NSX – BMW says its all-electric crossover has an all-wheel drive rating of 30mpg over its base model.

Lincoln MKX  – BMW has a hybrid version of the MKX with an EPA rating of 29mpg and an average EPA-leading fuel efficiency (28 mpg) combined. 

Toyota Mirai – A Japanese carmaker says its Mirai crossover with a hybrid electric drivetrain has an improved EPA rating, with an average of 29.5mpg combined, and an overall rating of 28mpg (up from 23.5).

Audis E-Hybrid – Audi says its E-hybrid with a plug-into hybrid drivetrain and a hybrid fuel efficiency bonus of 40mpg is the best of the four hybrid vehicles it sells.

Lexus GS-Class GX-Class sedan- The Lexus GXClass sedan is the third-best-selling car in America and the second-best seller in Japan.

The GX class is a crossover vehicle and the GS class is the crossover model.

The Lexuses GX is a luxury car that costs a lot more than a Lexus LS.

It has more interior space and is also a little more expensive.

Kia Soul – Kia says its luxury Soul sedan has the most interior room of any sedan in America, with a seating capacity of four people.

Honda Civic – Ford says its newest Civic sedan has more space in the cabin than any other model in its lineup.

Fiat Chrysler 300 – Fiat Chrysler says its 300 sedan has roomier cargo compartments and a more spacious rear seat.

BMW i3 -BMW says its i3 sedan has larger cargo compasses, more storage and a longer interior, and is better for long trips.

Ford Focus -Ford says its Focus sedan has improved fuel economy and has better acceleration.

Renault Corsa – Renault says its Corsa sedan has better power-to-weight ratios, lower emissions and better handling.

GMC Acadia – GM says its Acadia midsize pickup truck has a better fuel economy.

Merckx – Merck says its Merckx sedan has less interior space, a more roomy

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