How to calculate the gasoline grades for the NHL’s playoff run

As the playoff push begins, it’s important to know what grades to expect from the players and coaches.

With that in mind, the NHL will provide players and teams with the following grades for their playoff run.

The highest grade for the team will be a “B.”

The next highest grade will be “C,” and so on.

For the most part, those grades will be given by NHL personnel on the ice, on TV, in person or by the team’s officials.

The grades will then be shared among the teams and players for each series.

For example, if the Sabres get the second-highest grade for their series against the Devils, that means the team is going to get the best grade for its series against Boston.

For teams that have not played a playoff series since 2010, the grades will likely be the same as for the season that preceded.

For teams that did play a playoff game, the season will give them a different grade for that series.

For example, the Sabres will receive the highest grade on their series vs. the Devils this season, and will get a grade of “A” for that same series.

The Sabres and Devils also play each other this season.

That series is a rematch from last season, so the Sabres’ grades will reflect that.

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