El nuevo tiempo en el gente que en la ciudad de Mexico de las estudios del fuego es una tiempre.

It was the second time that El Nuevo Tejo had played in the league, but the team’s coach and the president of the league’s governing body, José Carlos Giménez, said that there would be no change in the game.

“The game is not about the salary,” Giméneso told reporters in Mexico City.

“The salary is a very important thing.”

Giménezes comments came as Mexico hosted a friendly against the Netherlands on Wednesday, and after the game, El Nueros team manager Carlos Baca told reporters that the game had been postponed for two days.

“I’m very sad because I was there,” Baca said.

“We were all expecting a friendly, so we could play together and maybe get some good results.

It is a shame, because we are really important players in the national team and the club.””

This is a difficult situation.

It is a shame, because we are really important players in the national team and the club.”

The first of the two games was scheduled to be played in Mexico, but was moved to Guatemala on Saturday.

The second game will be played on Monday.

Mexico has yet to register a player for the World Cup qualifiers against Chile and Trinidad and Tobago.

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