What you need to know about the new NFL Gasoline Liquid Coolers

The new NFL players have all been wearing the same new uniform, so they are all wearing the exact same gas mask.

The NFL has announced the players will wear masks for the next four games, but the teams aren’t exactly being forthcoming with how many masks will be on display during the games.

The players are wearing masks for Sunday night’s game against the Detroit Lions and will be wearing their masks on the field for the entire game.

Here’s what you need today to know:The players have not revealed when their masks will arrive or how many are available, and they will not be allowed to leave the stadium until they have them on.

They will be allowed, however, to get a drink of water at a concession stand or to take their masks off when their team gets to the locker room.

The mask is a simple plastic item that fits over your head, and it has a handle on the end that you use to move it around and to close the mask up.

It’s not a helmet, however.

The helmet has a single-piece shell, which the NFL says protects the player’s head and neck.

The helmets will come in three colors: white, orange and green.

The NFL said the mask has a “low viscosity” that prevents it from sticking to your skin.

The team has also decided not to use the “mimic mask” worn by players who are injured.

The masks will have a little white foam cushion on the inside to help reduce any rubbing or tearing on your skin when wearing them.

The new NFL helmets come with a “pinch-safe” safety strip that is made of a silicone material that has a light, air-like feel.

The strip will be sewn into the helmet, and the pads will be lined up on either side of the helmet with a thin strip on either of the sides.

Players will be able to get new helmets without getting a new mask.

They can get a new one for $40.

The league says the price for the new helmets will be $80 for adults and $70 for kids.

The league is also working on new safety belts and padding that will make the helmet safer and better protected against impacts and bumps.

There are also plans to add a second safety belt to the helmet for helmets that don’t have one.

The new helmets are expected to be ready for the 2016 season.

For the latest news on the NFL, follow along here.

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