How do you make your own gas tank sealant?

I’ve had the urge to buy a tank sealer, but it didn’t work out.

When I looked into a similar product from the US, it seemed to work but was expensive, too.

So I tried my hand at making one myself.

I used a combination of household staples and some high-tech ingredients. 

First, I bought a spray can.

I was tempted to just spray it on a canvas box, but I decided to go with a cardboard box instead.

This was the best way to get the spray on a plastic container, since the plastic would be too big for the spray to reach. 

I sprayed on two coats of sealant on the inside and one on the outside.

The inside of the box was painted a clear color, so it would be easy to see where the sealant was. 

The spray can was filled with two cans of oil, which I poured onto the canvas.

Then I sprayed the inside of each can with the same sealant, then filled each can full of oil.

The two cans were sprayed together to make a nice sealant paste. 

When the oil dripped down onto the cardboard, the oil was sucked off, leaving behind a white, liquid sealant. 

This sealant didn’t have a “scoop” at the bottom, which made it easier to get to.

The top of the bottle had a little hole for the oil to go through, so the oil wasn’t sucked into the bottle. 

So far, I’ve used this sealant to seal the inside surfaces of several boxes, but there is room for improvement.

I also plan to use it to seal a couple of other boxes to see if it can hold up to a few coats. 

A couple of things that I noticed: the can of oil inside was actually very slippery.

This is a real problem with oil.

It can get pretty sticky, especially if you’re holding it on with one hand, and then pulling it away from you with the other. 

In addition, the sealants can dry out in a matter of minutes, making it easier for the sealers to break apart in the middle of the day. 

There are several other things that were interesting about this process.

The paint on the cans were very light, and the cardboard inside the can was very easy to clean.

I’ve never done a lot of cleaning, so I was surprised to see how easily this paint was wiped clean. 

Lastly, I have a very old, gas-powered electric car.

I have the battery charger connected to my car’s charger, and I was hoping to use this sealer to seal any gaps that would be left behind on the car’s battery. 

One thing I noticed was that the paint on a couple more cans of sealants had gotten very dark, and that the light paint on one of them had become quite dark too.

This meant that the seal on the cardboard was very likely going to get more than a few days to dry out. 

My advice for anyone planning to use a gas tank: I would only use this product if you have a long-term storage plan.

It’s really easy to damage your gas tank with the heat of a fire, and even if you get your tank repaired, you might not be able to use the sealer again for another six months. 

If you have other methods that will seal the bottom of the can, or if you are just starting out, I would definitely recommend using this sealers.

It will make a really nice seal around the inside walls of your vehicle, and it will make your life a lot easier. 

[via TechCrunch]

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