How to buy petrol at the supermarket

The cheapest fuel for the petrol station is currently €1.75 a litre, while petrol at some supermarkets is cheaper than this.

In most cases, you can find the cheapest petrol at petrol stations that are open until midnight and the price will be €1 a litres.

For example, you may find that petrol is cheaper at one petrol station in a small town, but at a petrol station with a big sign in English, it will be slightly more expensive.

For petrol stations with a larger sign in Spanish, it may be cheaper to buy at the pump than at the counter.

You can also check for petrol prices online.

Some petrol stations offer discounts to customers when they enter the pump.

These discounts vary, and are usually between 2% and 20% of the retail price of the fuel, but are sometimes higher.

There are also discounts to petrol on delivery.

For instance, a discount to the equivalent of about 15 minutes’ travel is available at petrol outlets that are only open until 10:00am and then only for the following hour.

If you use this discount, you should buy petrol from a petrol store in the morning, before 10:30am.

Gasoline at supermarkets: You can buy petrol online, in supermarkets, petrol stations or at the petrol pump.

The petrol stations can be opened from 12:00 noon until 10.00pm, and petrol prices are the same as petrol at supermarkets.

Gas stations with English signs are usually the cheapest, while at petrol counters with Spanish and English signs, the prices will be higher.

Some supermarkets offer discounts on delivery, and for instance the prices at petrol pumps in Spain will be cheaper than those in the rest of the world.

You should always check the petrol prices in supermarkets before buying petrol.

The cheapest petrol in Spain is at petrol stores in Madrid and Barcelona, but you can also find the best prices at supermarkets in Madrid, Valencia and Extremadura.

The price of petrol is usually cheaper than petrol at a supermarket, but not always.

The best places to buy in Spain are supermarkets, and in most cases they are open all day.

Gas station prices: If you are shopping in supermarkets in Spain, you will usually find a petrol price that is much lower than the average petrol price.

Some supermarket petrol stations have petrol discounts for deliveries, but these are not always the best deals.

The prices can vary greatly, and sometimes petrol is a bit more expensive than petrol in supermarkets.

Sometimes it is cheaper to pay the petrol on the spot than to buy the petrol in a supermarket.

In general, petrol prices should be around the same price in supermarkets and petrol stations.

Some Tesco stores in Barcelona and Madrid offer discounts for delivery.

There is a petrol discount at one of the petrol pumps that is usually around €1 for a 100ml bottle of petrol, but the price is usually higher.

If the petrol price is too low, you could buy petrol in some petrol stations and you can usually find the petrol for the same amount at supermarkets and supermarkets.

For more information, you need to look at the price on the bottle, or the price at the pumps.

If petrol is sold by the kilogram, the price should be at least a third higher than the normal price of €1 per kilogram.

For details on how to buy gas in Spain see Gas and Electricity Prices.

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