Why gas prices rose in October

The cost of gasoline rose slightly in October after a fall that was attributed to rising oil prices.

The increase in the price of regular gasoline rose to $2.39 per gallon in the first three months of this year from $2 per gallon last year.

The jump in prices came after the United States cut its production of natural gas to keep up with a rise in demand for heating fuels, according to data released Tuesday by the Energy Information Administration.

The rise in prices also came a day after the Energy Department reported that the United Kingdom’s gas demand grew by 5.5% last year, its fastest rate since at least 2001.

Prices for regular gasoline have risen more than 3% in the past year, more than double the average increase in prices for gasoline over the same period.

The United States will not be importing more gas from the United Arab Emirates and other countries until 2019.

But the move to lower the price is expected to have an impact on gasoline demand in other countries as well.

The price of natural fuel has risen about 5% since January.

Natural gas prices are expected to rise another 3% next year, according the Energy Policy Institute, a Washington think tank that is closely aligned with the Republican Party. 

The average price of gasoline for regular and premium gasoline in October was $2,636.80, up from $1,965.80 last year and up from the $2-per-gallon average in March.

The average price for gasoline increased 1.5%, from $3.15 to $3,29.

Gasoline is more expensive because of fuel efficiency, according and the price reflects a surge in natural gas used in the United

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