How to pay for gas in California

Gas prices are skyrocketing, and California is struggling to keep up.

As of this morning, California’s average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $2.84, the highest in more than a year.

That’s up nearly 50 cents from last week and more than 30 cents higher than the average price in April, when it was $1.98.

The state’s gas stations have seen more customers switching to electric cars, and many are opening up more stations, but the increase has already made it harder for some to afford their bills.

The average cost for a typical gallon of gas in Southern California is now $3.65, according to

That means if you’ve been driving a regular gas station, it may be harder to afford a $1,000 electric car in your driveway or on the street.

California is the only state where an electric car is more expensive than a gas car in most price brackets, according,, and prices have been increasing by more than 20% since January.

The average price of a gas station in the San Fernando Valley is $2,500, according a GasBud website.

A typical home in the state can easily afford the cost of an electric vehicle, according the site.

California is home to a total of 24,831 electric vehicles, according California Vehicle Information System.

According to the California Energy Commission, there are just under 3,000 EVs on the road.

Many of those are leased, or are owned by automakers.

California has more than 8,000 EV charging stations in operation.

The price increases come as the state faces a steep budget deficit of more than $1 billion, and the budget committee is expected to consider a series of measures next week.

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