How to find out what gasoline prices are at your local petrol station

Gasolina boots, the brand of footwear from which the petrol was made, is now selling for about $10 a pair online.

Gasolina boots are sold online by the brand’s website. 

The company says that petrol is not available for purchase in Venezuela on its website and that only the official gas station can buy it.

But that’s not all.

A petrol station in Caracas sold the footwear for $10.80 at noon on Thursday, according to the online petrol seller.

A Venezuelan gas station sells petrol for $9.50 a litre on its online store.

And a petrol station near the capital, Caracas, sold petrol for a measly $9, which is also the price that you would pay to drive into Venezuela.

Gasola boots are now the cheapest petrol footwear in the world, according a company spokesman.

The price is based on a two-year supply of petrol, and a price that is guaranteed by Venezuela’s state oil company, PDVSA.

The petrol pumps in Carabobo, a small town in the northeastern state of Santa Cruz, sell petrol for around $10, which means that the boots are already cheaper than the $12 they cost to get into Venezuela, according to the Gasolina footwear website.

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