Gink fuel review: Can it compete with gasoline octanes?

Gink is the new brand that is poised to take on the likes of the Aussie diesel and petrol, but is also a contender for the super petrol brand.

Gink is a blend of ethanol and kerosene, the same ethanol used in the Aussies big cars.

It’s produced in the Gink plant in the Western Cape province, which is about 500km north of Durban.

Gink has a range of petrol and diesel octane ratings, which means it’s capable of reaching higher octane petrol than the competition.

“This year the petrol octane was up to 94, which was good, but it wasn’t quite the level of octane you’d need in your petrol engine,” said Gink managing director Mike Nel.

“The fuel octane is much higher than that, which makes the difference a lot.”

You could use Gink and then drive around and say ‘what am I getting?’ and then go into the garage to get a petrol octanol, you wouldn’t even know what octane it was.

“This is one of the reasons we wanted to go to the octane market.”

“You need to be careful, you can’t be jumping into the octanes, it’s very hard to do it right, because you can get them wrong, you have to make sure you have good data.”

We’ve had some problems with the octanols, we’ve had problems with some of the tests we’ve done with it.

“Nel said Ginks fuel ratings have been a “good match” to the petrol ratings and are comparable to the super octane vehicles.”

In the past, we were able to do a lot of research and understand the fuel ratings, and we were very happy with the results,” he said.”

There were some other manufacturers doing a lot better than us, and they were able, with the help of our staff, to get the octanol ratings up to the same level as Gink.””

There’s a lot more to come.

We’ve been doing a big, big study, which I think is going to help us to be more competitive.

“Gink has already launched in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, which has some of Africa’s lowest petrol prices.”

They’re all going to be higher than what we are now, we’re just going to have to see what happens with the petrol market,” said Nel of the petrol prices in South Africa.”

Gink will be coming into the market in South Australia at the end of next year.

“Nels hopes the Ginks petrol and kiesel ratings will help drive down prices in the market.”

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