Hillary Clinton blasts GOP for pushing ‘fake news’

Clinton blasts Republicans for pushing fake news in 2016 election article The former Secretary of State took aim at the GOP on Wednesday as she attacked the party’s policies, calling them a “brazen effort to try to delegitimize the legitimacy of the election.”

“There is no way to reconcile the fact that they are pursuing policies that threaten the democratic process, and they are attempting to try and delegitimize the election, and we should be appalled by it,” Clinton told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in a heated interview that aired on Wednesday.

“They are trying to delegitimate the election.

They are trying and trying to try … to try, basically, to rig the vote, to try as much as they can to rig it,” she added.

Clinton, who is currently in New Hampshire, blasted Republicans for their efforts to push fake news.

“This is the most aggressive and reckless of these efforts to try just to get rid of our election,” Clinton said.

“They are putting their party in the same category as the KKK.”

She said the GOP is using “a strategy that was used against them by President Trump and the Republicans in the past,” adding that “the president and the Republican Party have been so clear, they have not made any concessions on their own agenda to try [to] fix the country.”

Clinton also took aim in a broader attack on the media.

“We have to stop pretending that the media are objective,” Clinton warned.

“The truth is that they, in their way, are part of the problem.

They need to stop trying to turn them into partisan players.”

Clinton said she had “a lot of respect for” her former rival Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is a wonderful human being,” she said.

“[I] want to thank him for the way he has handled his campaign.

I think the fact of the matter is that he is a good human being, but I think his behavior over the last few weeks has been so extreme, so out of bounds, that I have a lot of confidence in him to do the right thing, to be an effective president.

He is doing the right things.”

Clinton added that Trump has “taken some of the blame for the problems of the Republican party.”

“But he did not get the job done, and the people who did not win the nomination, those who were not in the nomination — I mean, it’s not fair to them to put the blame on him,” Clinton continued.

“He has to be held accountable.

He has to show that he will work with others in a bipartisan way, with people of goodwill, in a way that they can all be part of.”

Clinton on Wednesday also called on President Donald Trump to apologize for his use of a racial slur against the African-American community.

“The President should apologize for what he said.

He should also apologize for the kind of language that was said,” Clinton stated.

“That’s why I think that the President needs to come back to the table, to work with us and make sure that we all learn from what he has said and take it seriously.”

Clinton, whose candidacy has been the subject of many criticisms and conspiracy theories, has repeatedly denied that she was involved in any conspiracy theories about her campaign.

Clinton on Tuesday accused the media of a concerted effort to suppress her candidacy.

“I think that they have been working so hard to try … to undermine my candidacy, and now that they know I am a very strong candidate, to push some of these fake news stories,” Clinton asserted.

“And they’ve tried to discredit me and to try a lot, so that people will be less likely to support me.”

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