How do Haim and Haim’s gas lines differ?

Haim is a Japanese brand that has a strong history in the petrol market.

The brand has long been known for its high quality products, but the brand’s relationship with petrol has never been as deep as with its namesake brand.

When the brand was founded in 1932, it was the only brand in Japan with petrol, and for decades it was one of the most popular brands in the country.

But the brand has had a turbulent relationship with the petrol industry over the years, and the brand now only makes a small amount of petrol.

In the 1990s, the brand had to lay off thousands of workers and close down some plants, but they were able to reopen the company’s factories and restart production at the beginning of the 2000s.

Today, the company produces about 15,000 litres of petrol per day, and Hae-Haim is the largest gasoline producer in Japan.

It produces petrol for about 500 petrol stations across Japan.

Haim was also the first to bring petrol into the UK, with its launch in 1956.

The Hae Haim brand name is a shortened form of the Japanese word for petrol, haimasu, which means ‘high quality’.

The brand is known for making high quality petrol, such as Haehaim’s own brand of petrol and its own range of petrol-powered cars, and its HaeHaim brand of light vehicles.

However, its petrol line was a major disappointment for customers and in the early 2000s, Hae, Haim, and petrol were all sold as an all-Japanese brand.

The company has not done as well since then.

In 2012, the country’s top petrol producer announced plans to sell its Haim brands to a new brand, Haidha, and to buy out rival brands Haim (the Japanese name for petrol) and Haidex.

In February 2018, Haedha was launched, and by September 2018 it had already surpassed Haim as the second-largest petrol brand in the world behind the UK’s Haidgas.

Haidhan (the brand name of Haehan) became Haeha in 2018, and in October 2018 the brand became Haim.

In 2020, the Haim line was sold to the Korean auto giant Hyundai.

Haehai, the name of the brand that is still in operation in Japan, is still owned by Haim but is now owned by Hyundai.

The new brand Haehei is also a name that was first used in Japan as a brand name for Haims petrol products, and is still used as the name for the brand in Japanese markets.

The name Haehei is a contraction of Haimu, which literally means ‘pure’.

Haehi is an English word that means ‘rich, high quality’.

It’s the same name that has been used by Haejin in Japan since 2007.

The fuel company, Hida, also plans to use the Haehu brand name, which is similar to Haimas name, as its name for its petrol products.

The current HaeHei brand will be phased out by 2021, with the brand going into production of Haidhai in 2020.

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