‘Lucky’ petrol station is selling its petrol for £1.95 after a shortage

LONDON — The gasoline shortage that has caused an epidemic of gas station thefts and gasoline sales has been averted.

The price of a litre of unleaded has fallen to just £1 a litke, but customers are still forced to pay £1 for gas to fuel their cars.

In the past month alone, the price of unleavened petrol has dropped by 50p to just under £1, according to data from the fuel price regulator.

The price for a litne of unleade has dropped from £1 to £1 over the past week, according the UK Gasoline Association.

“We’re delighted that the price has come down, we think it is great news,” said Sam Davenport, general secretary of the British Gasoline Industry Association.

“This is the result of a concerted effort to bring the price down, and we are confident the situation will improve over the coming weeks.”

Larger gas stations are also selling cheaper unleaded and selling gasoline at a higher price.

But there’s another, hidden, benefit to the price dropping.

The price of gas has fallen because there’s more fuel to be produced at home.

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