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By now you should be well aware of the recent spate of stories about the safety of gasoline.

Some reports suggested that the petrol and diesel fuel used in cars in the UK was contaminated with a dangerous chemical called benzene.

Others, including the BBC, said it was being used as a fuel additive in cars and trucks.

But despite this, the most important news about gasoline has been that there are new signs that the chemical used in gasoline has an unknown and potentially dangerous health effect. 

Now, in a landmark study, scientists have shown that the toxic gas known as benzene can cause cancer in rats, even in healthy animals.

The findings are a major step towards developing an effective treatment for benzene poisoning, and will lead to the development of a new class of drugs for the treatment of benzene-related diseases.

What is benzene?

What is its toxicity?

Benzene is a gas produced in a process known as hydrolysis.

Hydrolysis is the process of turning water into a liquid, but the process is also the source of a wide range of toxic chemicals.

In a nutshell, the gas is a liquid that has a very low boiling point, and the gas molecules in it can absorb a wide variety of wavelengths. 

It is the most common chemical used to produce petroleum.

What can cause benzene damage?

Chemicals known as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) are two common sources of benzenes in the body.

Both are extremely toxic to the central nervous system, and they can cause damage to the blood vessels, liver and kidneys.

Benzene also reacts with other chemicals in the blood, causing severe damage. 

These reactions can cause irreversible damage, or, in the worst case, permanent brain damage.

The benzene that is released from these reactions can act like a carcinogen.

In some cases, this can be fatal.

Benzene can also be found in other forms, including as a by-product of the process that produces it.

Benzenes are often sold in liquid form, as a gas, but they are also often sold as pellets.

In liquid form they can be ingested, or inhaled.

Benzenedes are known as a class of compounds, which is a general term for chemicals that are similar to one another. 

Benzene, in particular, is known to be a very common form of the class, although it can be used in other compounds too. 

How is benzenene used in the bodies of people?

In the body, benzene is mostly used as an endocrine disruptor, which means it disrupts hormone production in the liver and other tissues.

Benzens also cause the formation of endocrine disrupting chemicals, which are substances that can cause the production of an abnormal hormone, such as the estrogen-like hormone estradiol. 

In the liver, it can also cause damage and increase the risk of cancer. 

What are the effects of benzenedes?

Benzenedecyl sulfate is the form of benzyl alcohol that is used as the base of some types of petrol.

It is used in petrol for several reasons, such a way to make a lighter fluid, or for lubrication in some cars. 

But what about benzene itself?

Benzene is the primary active ingredient in petrol.

Its active ingredient, benzenedecyltetrahydrobenzoate (BDE), is one of the most well-known active ingredients in petrol, although other substances such as benzophenone-4 are also used.

Benzone, a molecule that gives benzene its characteristic smell, is a byproduct of hydrolyzing benzene in the presence of oxygen. 

The smell of benzone can be unpleasant, and can lead to people experiencing headaches and other problems.

Benzone is a known carcinogen and can be a cause of cancer in animals.

What does benzene do to humans?

Benzenones are very dangerous because they can block the ability of cells to make proteins called growth factors, which regulate the growth of tissues and organs.

They can also increase the chance of liver disease, diabetes and other conditions. 

When benzenones react with other substances in the bloodstream, they can also have the effect of making blood thinner, making people more susceptible to heart attacks and strokes, and making people become more sensitive to colds. 

This can cause problems for the heart and blood vessels in the heart, and also the lungs, lungs and kidneys in people who have a history of lung cancer.

What are other risks of benzonones?

Benzone is very well-studied for its health effects, and there are numerous reports about the health effects of these substances. 

There are a few potential side effects, such an increase in blood pressure, which can be especially dangerous if you have an underlying condition that is already high in blood pressures.

There are also some side effects that are

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